Knocknaboola Danaher's

 James Danaher and Bridget Sheehy seem to have acquired the farm at Knocknaboola in the 1870's. James, twin brother to Bridget, was born on 3rd May 1837. Like his father he also married a Bridget Sheehy but I don't know if the two were related. He must have been in his late 30's when he married because he was 41 when his first child Delia was born on 5th December 1878. Seven more children followed, the last one Philip being born in 1900.


Delia emigrated to the USA in 1902, aged 24 and settled in the Detroit area where she worked as a Bookeeper in the store of Henry Blackwell. On the 10th November 1908, in Detroit, she married Charles Nicholas Hayes, farmer, of St Clair County, Michigan with whom she had 5 children. In 1924 at the age of 46 she returned to Ireland, accompanied by her son James aged 3, for a short visit to see her aged parents. She died on 17th April 1956, aged 77. She was survived by 4 children, 8 grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.


 Wonderful Photograph of Delia and her extended Hayes Family taken in 1911

You can view a copy with names identified here

One of Delia's children Joseph Charles died at 15 years of age trying to save the life of a companion. The others John Francis, Delia Marie, Lillian Agnes and James Nicholas all married and lived in the Detroit area. 


Back in Ireland I knew Delia's brother Stephen Danaher when I was growing up. He had a farm at Clounties, roughly half way between Knocknaboola and Monemohill. He visited our house every Sunday evening when I was a child / teenager. In the summer time he walked but was driven by his son John in winter. He would arrive dressed in his Sunday best and mother would always make tea and apple tart for him. He was a very knowledgable man and always gave very sound advice. We all liked Stephen and missed him greatly when he passed away on 14th April 1979, aged 85. He was predeceased by his wife Catherine (Kit) Danaher who died in 1957 aged 67. She died of a stroke as she was about to leave hospital. They were 1st cousins once removed. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters. I also have fond memories of Kit as she always gave me a 'half crown' whenever she met me at Sunday mass. An enormous sum of money in those days, which would keep you in sweets for weeks. My mother a;ways protested at the generosity but I did not mind at all.


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